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Bannatyne gym, Crewe | march 3oth 2020 | afternoon & evening sessions available

Tired of getting no results, not being able to find a balanced lifestyle or feeling nervous or intimidated by the gym environment?

I have a passion for providing nutritional, lifestyle and fitness guidance to young professionals looking to drop stubborn body fat, increase confidence and create a more muscular and athletic physique.

All my classes are focused around you hitting your goals, with 24/7 support in and out of the gym and someone to be accountable to. I make sure all my programmes are perfect for getting the best out of you and your body. Don’t waste any more time, fill out your free consultation form.

its time to feel focused and motivated to hit your goals

No meal replacements, pills or potions here!
At JDPTraining I tailor all the nutrition and fitness plans so they’re just right for you and in-line with your goals. Download my free recipe guide below for some tasty, fitness approved recommendations.

Why choose jdpt?

Your own personalised training app

Access to 100's of
healthy recipes
to suit you

Nutrition guides to help you decide what to eat at commercial restaurants

Regular check-in's to help you stay motivated and accountable

Is JDPTraining suitable for you?

JDPTraining is most suitable for people wanting to achieve a lean, muscular physique but lacking the motivation to break their current routine and get into shape. If you want to get into the best shape of your life then I can help you and will push you beyond your limits!

Get in touch and lets start training!



George came on board with me because he’d suffered for over a decade with yo yo dieting! Up and down in weight constantly feeling frustrated. ⁣George has a busy lifestyle, juggling family time with his wife and two young daughters as well as running a demanding property business. ⁣
The impact of his current situation ⁣made him feel like he had no time⁣ to train or exercise. George always felt low in confidence⁣ which led to huge highs and lows with emotional eating,⁣ leaving him feeling low in energy 24/7⁣.
After just 3 months George implemented quickly and this showed straight from the off in terms of results! George lost over 15kg in just over 3 months! ⁣


Oliver approached me needing help to lose weight and increase his confidence in the gym. His problems were like most, he struggled to balance a healthy diet and exercise with a busy social and family life.

After the first month of training, Oliver had lost a total of 12lbs. He has currently lost a total of 11KG, -8% body fat while he maintains his busy social calendar and is still enjoying a few beers at the football.


Matthew started training with me weighing in at just under 85kg sitting at a sluggish 22.5% body fat. His main goal was to drop the stubborn body fat from around his waist and build a muscular physique.

After the first 30 days of fitness and nutritional support from JDPT, he’s already 10kg lighter in bodyweight and has increased his muscle mass dramatically. His latest check-in, he hit an incredible 11% body fat!


take a closer look at what my clients have achieved.

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Joel Dovey

Coach & Owner, JDPTraining

Hi, my names Joel! I’m the coach and owner of JDPTraining, with over 6 years experience in the personal training and fitness industry and a long list of happy clients, I am fully qualified to help you reach your goals. I’m passionate about pushing people to their limits and I’m looking forward to helping you create your fitness success story!

Frequently Asked Questions

To get the quickest results I would always recommend a minimum of 3 sessions per week, depending on your current fitness ability I will make sure you have just the right amount training and coaching time with me personally to make sure you are fast tracked to achieving a leaner, more powerful and confident you. 

My packages work inline with your goals, I offer 30 day, 12 week and 16 week packages.

I’d highly recommend the 16 week package if you’re wanting to see the most results from my training and diet plan.

All of my packages allow you to take breaks and enjoy time away, so you are not paying for any sessions you don’t attend. I can also create a holiday plan and give support so you can continue to progress with your fitness goals whilst on holiday.

I provide all my clients with a tailored nutrition plan, which I will give support and guidance on following. This is a plan I have refined for over six years and I ensure it is the perfect programme to get you to a leaner, stronger and knowledgeable you.

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